We support the nuns!

What changes can the world expect?

What changes can the world expect? If you’re an American nun, none, apparently.

Time to pray, Sisters.

But here at the churchofdan.com, we’re not really into it, praying and all. We’re a bit more empirical in our approach and we can see from our vantage point far outside the walls of St. Peter’s that the nuns of the various orders do good good works, have done good works and are inclined to do more. I could continue the conjugation with actual examples beyond the fact that they civilized many of my peers who attended Chicago parochial schools. (Picture the Blues Brothers.)

If we were prayerful, the Sisters would certainly be in our prayers. They’re getting the unblessed end of the stick. In fact, they’re liable to be beaten, at least symbolically, with it. And I don’t think our prayers – or their own — are likely to have any effect in the real world. And it’s the nuns who most clearly live in the real world of America and do much for the benefit of society.

So, Women Religious, we support the feminist cause even if you can’t say out loud that you do.

The Gnostics, we’re told, respected women and the role they played in the developing church. How the Church of Rome got to its current state of misogyny we know not.

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