Gay couple wed aboard Wiley

July 4, 2013 was a great day for us as this was the day that two of our same-sex friends wed aboard Wiley.

The Church of Dan and Sail Channel Islands in a ceremony officiated by Capt./Chaplain Dan hosted the first Gay Wedding at sea in Ventura county. OK, near Ventura county. OK, in waters claimed by Ventura county.

The day dawned gloomy, but began to brighten when we had our crew and guests aboard. We sailed for about an hour then anchored near Channel Islands Harbor. As we got organized for the ceremony, the sun broke through as if to send us a message from much higher authority than even the Supreme Court.

It was a grand ceremony, brief, to the point  punctuated with laughter, tears, more laughter and champagne.

Our friends have been together for 20 years. It was enough to water my eyes to have their union  finally recognized by the Union.

I wish Justice Scalia could have seen the joy on everyone’s faces. It would have ruined his day.

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