FOX slapped for attacks on working women

But parries blow, refusing to run ad critical of their lead commentators
FOX pundits assert that women need to stay home. Being the breadwinners in many families is undermining national values, they say.

Ultraviolet — an online community devoted to women’s equality issues — used FOX footage to create the ad above calling for the removal of Lou Dobbs, Juan Williams and Erick Erickson.

Ultraviolet wanted to buy time on FOX to air their ad. Of course. But FOX outfoxed them by declining to take the ad.

FOX, like the Republican Party, is consolidating its base. Jettisoning working women is a brilliant move toward aligning the network and the party. Continued shrinking of the tent will squeeze the Grand Old Party down to one old, angry white guy. I don’t ¬†know how many TV personalities it will take to keep him sufficiently enraged/entertained.

I don’t really care if FOX shoots itself in the head, but I think we need a Republican party.



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