Christian Florist says no to Gay Wedding bouquet

Xnay says florist


A florist who won’t bunch up a bunch of flowers for Robert and Curtis on their legal wedding day?

Hardly a surprise. Glad to see the state is taking on this discriminatory case. But let’s not let legalities get in the way of a brilliant wedding.

Robert (does anyone call you Bob?), Curtis (Curt?) — I picked my own out of the Florida swamp. I could hardly call it a bouquet, what with the mud on some of the stems, but I did risk it, what with gators and all, for love. I know, maybe too macho, but those were some damn purty flowers.

Besides, based on the photo of the front of the shop … well, hmmm, it’s only a small cut above the swamp.

So, if the florists of Christ say no to love I say pick your own. I think that’s what Jesus might say. Dan definitely says that.